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Neocrea is a creative technology and software organization that calculates in advance how a job is done, why it is done, what the consequences of the job done will occur, the future profit of the job and the total benefit that will be reflected to the customer.


To provide quality and reliable solutions that best meet customers' needs with superior and innovative approaches in software and information sector with experienced engineering staff.


Being a pioneering company in the sector, directing the sector and making mention of its name with its solutions and quality both in national and international platforms.

It works for innovative, fun, quality and creative ideas that will bring your innovation to your problems with innovative technology and innovative solutions that will give your marketing communication a color. Neocrea is not your advisor, but your friend.

Mobile Application

For today's technological devices, smart phones that are everyone's pocket, follow your technology with your competitors.

Industry 4.0

The Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, is a collective term that combines many of today's automation systems with Internet technology.

Web Applications

Web Applications is a generic name given to the whole software that works on web browsers and uses the internet network and technologies.

Bussiness Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the name given to the processes and methods by which raw data is rendered more meaningful and useful.

Our R&D projects

We are looking for good people to share our passion!

Open Positions

  • General Application
  • İzmir, İstanbul
  • Graduated from a Universty
  • He has problem solving skills.
  • Finding optimal solutions with stakeholders inside and outside the company.
  • Target and result focused.
  • Tend to team work.
  • Apply
  • Intern
  • İzmir
  • Students who are studying in the 3rd or 4th grade in software or computer engineering for the summer term
  • The end of the internship will take priority for part time or full time.
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  • E-commerce

    Why Should I Start E-Commerce?

    Everyone wants to be able to buy whatever he wants, whenever he wants, whenever he wants. The Internet offers an incredible opportunity for it. E-commerce, on the other hand, is a system that brings together the features necessary for us to be able to conduct online transactions via the Internet. In today's technology, the easiest and most economical way to present your products to customers is through e-commerce. E-commerce systems, which have attractive features for both the seller and the buyer, continue to increase in importance every day in parallel with developing technologies.
  • Iphone SE Released

    IPhone SE Released!

    It appeared with features of Apple's 4-inch iPhone SE model. What features and how does the iPhone SE come with design? The iPhone SE will be sold with all the color options of the iPhone 6s. This includes Rose Gold. There is no information on the price or date of iPhone SE. However, the device is expected to hit the market at the end of March or early April.
  • Osx el capitan

    OS X El Capitan Uses First Review

    As of today, I started using OS X El Capitan for the first time to improve the multiplier speed. First of all, the installation of El Capitan, which required 6gb space for the installation, took about 35 minutes. With iOS 9, the attachment feature to notes we met on mobile devices came with El Capitan to Maclerimized.
  • Neocrea kariyer

    Looking For Team Friends

    In our company that develops software products, we are looking for teammates who can make effective sales for the needs of corporate companies. We are looking for college graduate colleagues who can sell Neocrea's Mobil application and industry specific software solutions.
  • iphone 6s

    Apple Introduces iPhone 6s at Event in San Francisco.

    Designed to look similar to the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6s breaks apart from its predecessor with a scratch-resistant and bend-resistant chassis. Apple is using the 3rd Generation A9 processor in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. This processor makes the iPhone 6s 70 percent more CPU-intensive than its predecessor, and 90 percent more powerful in terms of GPU. But Apple did not mention the two elements in the event. The first one is RAM, the second one is battery capacity. The RAM phenomenon is still not clear. Because 1GB is in the dial, 2GB is in the dial. Come on, battery. Even though I did not mention the Apple battery, the battery size appeared in the iPhone 6s promotional videos it published. Neocrea will support mobile apps on the iPhone 6s.
  • ios9

    What's New with IOS 9

    IOS 9 is packed with improved features that you'll love every day. Your practices are becoming more indispensable. With the new multitasking features on the iPad, your productivity gains even more. Siri is able to do more than usual and new proactive suggestions help you do your work without even asking Siri. And the improvements made on the basis of the operating system increase performance, battery life and safety. As you do more with iOS 9, you'll be amazed how you can do it without it. Updates to Neocrea's Mobile app will be available in the near future with new features of iOS9.
  • bedavalazım

    Unused Goods Become More Rich!

    The goods you do not use in your home will be the treasure of others. Neocrea Yazılım & Bilişim Ltd. Şti. Sti. İzmir University of Economics Software Engineering Junior Students in which the founders are located will provide free goods sharing among the needy with the project they have developed. The students who make up the internet project Yücel Karaman, Cenk Ünlü, Güven Şeker, Doğan Deniz Lafcioglu and Onur Babalıklı aim to prevent the unused goods from going to waste. Young brains want to add value to the country by producing Neocrea mobile application and industry-specific software solutions that were established after the final of the new idea competition.
  • swift

    Apple Swift Introduces Programming Language

    Apple Inc. Craig Federighi, vice president of Software Engineering, announced the Swift Programming language, which Chris Lattner, Division Director of Apple Software Developer Tools at WWDC, is starting to design. Swift has a simpler and simpler syntax scheme than Objective-C. In spite of Objective-C, swifteen writers look warmer. In the development of Objective-C, there are talked about software developers who apply to PhoneGap to swiftly develop native applications together. One of Swift's most prominent features is the ability to use Cocoa to develop a common library on both a Mac and iOS platform using a single library. It was one of the best news that memory management improvements would have less memory and less memory usage. The Playgrounds feature that comes with Swift will allow us to see how the app reacts to instant code changes, so that we can experiment experimentally while developing a mobile app. In the transition period, the question that raises the most heads will be the libraries, Swift will have a new language and lack of library. Neocrea Mobile app uses swift in the development process.
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